Biggest Loser – Handicap Challenge

Biggest Loser – Handicap Challenge

Like The Biggest Loser on TV … Losing equals Winning.

The EWGA NNJ Biggest Loser Handicap Challenge is a contest for watching your handicap and your golf game lose strokes.

A winner will be named in each of two categories - Most improved (USGA) and Most Improved (%)


The contest will begin May 1, 2017 and end September 15, 2017.  
This contest is open to all EWGA Northern New Jersey members who have or will establish a verifiable handicap before June 15, 2017.  During the contest period, each player must post at least five 18 hole rounds (or equivalent ten 9 hole rounds).  

All participants must follow USGA Rules and post all scores played during the contest period before September 14, 2017.   Only scores posted on courses with a USGA Rating/Slope will qualify.

The winners will be the participants with the greatest percentage decrease in handicap index.